A sense of place

The Cardón Land Company is an international team of placemakers working together to vision, design, develop and build high-quality real estate projects on the Baja Peninsjula.

Since 2007 we have been partnering with homeowners, developers, investors, real estate agents and nonprofits to create meaningful places. By working with only a few clients at a time, we can collaborate closely to realize their dreams.

Our craft is what we refer to as buildings “made by hand”. We are committed to traditional local methods of construction: buildings of stone and concrete, forged iron work and true hand troweled plaster. Trends may come and go, but the fundamentals of creating a beautiful place don’t change.

Inspired by the resiliency of the native cardón cactus, we build to endure the test of time.

Roberto Moreno & Brad Gwinn

Our Capabilities

People look to Cardon to envision and execute meaningful spaces. Our end-to-end approach spans visioning, land planning, architecture, and real estate development. This full service integration benefits our clients and partners: at every step of the way, Cardón is there.


Pro Forma and Project Wide Strategy


Design, Vision and Economics Synergy









Our Team

We combine the accountability of stateside business practice with the experience and talent of traditional Mexican building trades.

Our engineering and design teams in Los Angeles are backed by a boots-on-the-ground workforce in Los Cabos. With a toolbox of sixty craftsman, we perform the majority of the construction trades in-house.

This international coordination offers the best of both worlds: efficient building processes with gorgeous local craftsmanship.

Cardón Development

Envisions real estate through placemaking, planning, and management of Cardón design build services.

Cardón Architects

Provides architecture and engineering services with offices in Los Angeles and Los Cabos.

Cardón Design Build

Oversees all design-build construction in Cabo and employs the building team.

Cardón Land Consultancy

Consults with developers and investors on all Cardón land planning services.

Contact Us

We love what we do and enjoy working with others who are equally passionate about placemaking of the lasting, meaningful and beautiful kind.

And we are always looking to meet new partners, talent, and clients. If you’d like to talk with us, drop us a line here.

San Jose del Cabo, BCS, Mexico
Los Angeles, California, USA